Powerful Question

As a coach I am trained to ask powerful questions.  A powerful question is a question that you makes you stop and think about things, i.e. your life, differently.  It may be a question that you have never thought of or it may be a question that you are avoiding.

Many times when I ask busy women what keeps them from taking time for themselves, they answer with “I would feel guilty” or “it is selfish” or “there is no time left for me”.  I then change the basic question to a powerful one – “what if guilt, selfishness or time has nothing to do with it (and 99% of the time it doesn’t), what keeps you from taking time for yourself?”  what's next

Now the question has taken us to a deeper level where demons, old tapes, or fears lurk.

Learning to ask ourselves provocative and powerful questions, can help us to see more clearly where we are and why we might be stuck in unimaginative or even life-denying thinking.  For example, “where will I be in five years if nothing changes in your life?”, “what do I plan to do about it?”, “what resources do I have or do I need to make this happen?”, what options can you create?”Ready For Action ConceptPowerful questions can provide an aha that will allow us to think more creatively about how we can change a situation, move forward, or find peace of mind.

What is the powerful question you need to ask yourself today?


About Nancy A Leport

Nancy is a certified life coach who works with women and men who want to live by design not by default. She coaches amazing, busy, overwhelmed, and stressed people to live the life they want. She helps them get out from under the "should's" and "ought's" of everyone else's opinion to refresh, renew and recreate their bodies, minds and spirits. Isn't it time you gave yourself the gift of a de-stress coach? For more information, please call 585-943-3314
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