What a Day for a Day Dream

Do you remember that song?  The Lovin Spoonful made us all believers in the daydreaming life.  I particularly like the verse “and even if time ain’t really on my side…It’s one of those days for taking a walk outside…I’m blowing the day to take a walk in the sun and fall on my face in somebody’s new-mown lawn.”  flowers renew page

How many days have you wished you could do just that…blow off the day and take a walk in the sun?  I have sat at my desk on too many days and looked out the window at a sunny day with a blue sky and wished I was out walking in it.  Instead, I look at my work load and turn away from the window and hunker down…getting grumpier with each passing minute.

What might have happened if instead of turning away from the window I followed my daydreaming mind and went out for that walk?  There are studies that show I would have returned more productive and more alert to the work on my desk.

Daydreaming and/or taking a break every couple of hours actually makes us better employees rather than lazy ones.  It’s too bad companies don’t pay us for daydreaming breaks.  Think about it.  Where do you get your best ideas?  Usually it isn’t when you force yourself to sit down and pressure yourself to come up with your best idea yet.  No, we get our best ideas when we are doing something totally unrelated to the problem or issue in front of us.  I get my best ideas in the shower or upon waking in the morning.  Some people get their best ideas walking.

One of the newest trends in offices is the ‘walking meeting’.  Because we sit far too long these days and our health is suffering for it, it is being recommended that instead of having a one to one meeting sitting across a table from each other that you take a walk and hold the meeting while moving.  A peripatetic meeting of the minds.  If the research is correct, then this should be a productive and creative meeting and you should feel more alert rather than less at the end.

Which brings me back to my daydreaming day.  Daydreaming is not a waste of time but a rather productive way to spend our time.  By doing so we just might come up with the solution to a vexing problem and at the very least we will have given our brains a chance to reboot while our energy is restored. It is also a wonderful way to take some time for yourself in the midst of a busy day.sejour-relaxation-id612

and you can be sure that if you’re feeling right…a daydream will last long into the night…tomorrow at breakfast you may pick up your ears or you may be daydreaming for a thousand years.” (John Sebastian, Lovin Spoonful)

Happy Daydreams,


About Nancy A Leport

Nancy is a certified life coach who works with women and men who want to live by design not by default. She coaches amazing, busy, overwhelmed, and stressed people to live the life they want. She helps them get out from under the "should's" and "ought's" of everyone else's opinion to refresh, renew and recreate their bodies, minds and spirits. Isn't it time you gave yourself the gift of a de-stress coach? For more information, please call 585-943-3314
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