Let’s Square Off

boxerWhen we think of squaring off we often think of getting into fight posture.  And for the most part, people seem to be doing a lot of squaring off these days whether they are politicians or posting on social media there seems to be no end to the arguing, disagreeing or gotcha’s.  Frankly, I am tired of it and find myself feeling more and more as a culture we are regressing to elementary or high school level of discourse.

However, instead of thinking of this as squaring off for a debate, I invite you to square off with your stress levels and how you spend your time.

On a piece of paper, draw a square and divide it into four quadrants.  quadrantLabel one quadrant ‘Secure’, another ‘Relaxed’, a third ‘Energized’ and the fourth ‘Happy’.   Under each of these titles list the things that make you feel that way…eg. all the things that make you feel secure in one, relaxed in another, etc.

I recently did this and it was eye-opening to see how few of them I actually put into my daily life. YIKES.  And yet, it is the things that make me feel secure, relaxed, energized and happy that help to lower my stress levels.  Now we could get picky over the choice of words or how I define them but that defeats the purpose.  You know how you define them.  You know what works for you.  I know what works for me.  The bottom line is do we incorporate these things into our lives on a daily basis in order to be at our best and to allow our bodies and minds to be at their best?

And, obviously, there will be times when the stress levels are high regardless but we can also look at our quadrant and select a way to ‘square off’ with our stress and make some choices.

As a person who works alone and from home, 0ne of the things that helps me relax is to get out and enter a new environment in which to work. The other people stimulate me and help me remember why I do what I do.  Being out and about adds energy to my rhythms and I am far more productive.  And yet most days I do not leave my office.  Tomorrow I will.  Working on reducing the amount of drama in my life, adding more exercise, and connecting more with people who really listen and respond are all areas where I am going to be putting my focus over the next week.

When you look at your quadrants, where do you want to square off to lower your stress and give stress a knock out punch?iStock_000010338713Medium

Squaring off,


About Nancy A Leport

Nancy is a certified life coach who works with women and men who want to live by design not by default. She coaches amazing, busy, overwhelmed, and stressed people to live the life they want. She helps them get out from under the "should's" and "ought's" of everyone else's opinion to refresh, renew and recreate their bodies, minds and spirits. Isn't it time you gave yourself the gift of a de-stress coach? For more information, please call 585-943-3314
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