Take a Deep Breath

I’ve been taking  a lot of deep breaths lately.  Seems I have been in the midst of a lot of extra stress.  Things like…

  • A two-day car trip from Atlanta while I had the stomach bug and I was driving
  • Unpacking and repacking trying to get settled
  • Professional speaking engagements as soon as I returned
  • Car trouble
  • Family events and commitments
  • Planning for a community event

what's nextAnd this was just in the last two weeks…silent, pause or break time hand gesture

So I’ve been taking lots of deep breaths.  I love this simple de-stress technique.  It requires no special equipment except lungs.  It takes only a few minutes and can be done anywhere.  No one even knows you are doing it and you feel so much better afterwards – no sweat, no work out clothes to wash and no need to reapply makeup. 

One of the things I love to do with my deep breathing is to focus on what I need on the inhale and exhale.  For example, on the inhale I say to myself “slow” and on the exhale “down”.  Or, inhale “you’ve”, exhale”got this”.  Taking the breaths in deeply and holding them for a slow count of four and exhaling the same way allows me to think about what I want to achieve.  The end result is my mind and body get in synch.  Oh and make sure the inhales fill your chest and your belly expands.iStock_000010338713Medium

Happy Breathing!


About Nancy A Leport

Nancy is a certified life coach who works with women and men who want to live by design not by default. She coaches amazing, busy, overwhelmed, and stressed people to live the life they want. She helps them get out from under the "should's" and "ought's" of everyone else's opinion to refresh, renew and recreate their bodies, minds and spirits. Isn't it time you gave yourself the gift of a de-stress coach? For more information, please call 585-943-3314
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